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Solutions for:


✓ Decrease the risk of injuries

✓ Develop winning neuromuscular strategies to improve athletic performance


✓ Benefit from personalized training and quantified progress results

✓ Improve the neuromuscular strategy of athletes

✓ Enhance the mental control of muscular movements

✓ Develop better focus and concentration during play

Team Managers

✓ Select athletes on the basis of precise indicators of performance

Club Managers

✓ Quantify the value and potential of an athlete before hiring

Talent Scouts

✓ Assess the potential of a promising beginner

Our Services

Injury Risk Assessment

Measures muscle activity and movement to determine strategies for preventing future injuries and/or an analysis of whether you have fully recovered from a current injury.

Complete Analysis

Reviews all areas in which you can achieve sporting success, through neuromuscular, alpha brain wave, ocular, and injury prevention analysis.

Stress Resistance

Combines the Concentration and Focus package with additional stress stimuli to discern methods in which you can stay focused despite the many distractions encountered during a match.

Concentration and Focus

Analyzes alpha brain waves in order to determine how you can improve your concentration and focus during the big game.

Brain and Ocular Activity in Motion

Analyzes your relationship between vision, brain activity, and movement to improve your skills of concentration, movement tracking, and positioning.

Vision Analysis

Brain wave activity and vision are measured simultaneously to determine strategies to improve movement recognition and tracking.

Can’t find the package to suit your needs? We are happy to create a custom analysis according to your specifications!

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